ȅmbrio m, {{c=1}}v. {{ref}}embrij{{/ref}}{{/c}}

Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. 2013.

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  • embryo — /ˈɛmbrioʊ / (say embreeoh) noun (plural embryos) 1. an organism in the earlier stages of its development, as before emergence from the egg or before metamorphosis. 2. (among mammals and other viviparous animals) a young animal during its earlier… …   Australian English dictionary

  • embryo sac — /ˈɛmbrioʊ sæk/ (say embreeoh sak) noun the gametophyte of a seed bearing plant, being situated within the ovule, giving rise to the endosperm or supposed female prothallium, and forming the cell in which the embryo is developed …   Australian English dictionary

  • embryo transfer — /ˌɛmbrioʊ ˈtrænsfɜ/ (say .embreeoh transfer) noun a procedure whereby a developing embryo is transplanted, usually into the uterus of a female parent. Also, embryo transplant …   Australian English dictionary

  • embryogeny — /ɛmbriˈɒdʒəni/ (say embree ojuhnee) noun the formation and development of the embryo, as a subject of scientific study. Also, embryogenesis /ˌɛmbrioʊˈdʒɛnəsəs/ (say .embreeoh jenuhsuhs). {embryo + geny} –embryogenetic /ˌɛmbrioʊdʒəˈnɛtɪk/ (say… …   Australian English dictionary

  • embryo — [[t]e̱mbrioʊ[/t]] embryos 1) N COUNT An embryo is an unborn animal or human being in the very early stages of development. The embryo lives in the amniotic cavity. ...the remarkable resilience of very young embryos. 2) ADJ: ADJ n An embryo idea,… …   English dictionary

  • frozen embryo — /froʊzən ˈɛmbrioʊ/ (say frohzuhn embreeoh) noun an embryo that has been frozen as part of the process of embryo transfer …   Australian English dictionary

  • hybrid embryo — /haɪbrəd ˈɛmbrioʊ/ (say huybruhd embreeoh) noun an embryo which has a human cell nucleus inserted into an animal egg; developed to create stem cells to be used in medical treatments …   Australian English dictionary

  • proembryo — /proʊˈɛmbrioʊ/ (say proh embreeoh) noun the group of cells produced by division of a zygote before differentiation of the embryo proper …   Australian English dictionary

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