Lı̏ma ž {{c=0}}glavni grad Perua{{/c}}

Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. 2013.

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  • Li|ma — «LY muh», noun. 1. U.S. a code name for the letter l, used in transmitting radio messages. 2. = Lima bean. (Cf. ↑Lima bean) …   Useful english dictionary

  • li·ma bean — /ˈlaımə , Brit ˈliːmə / noun, pl ⋯ beans [count] : a type of flat and pale green or white bean …   Useful english dictionary

  • ho|o|ma|li|ma|li — «HOH oh MAH lee MAH lee», noun. Hawaiian. flattery …   Useful english dictionary

  • col´li|ma´tion — col|li|mate «KOL uh mayt», transitive verb, mat|ed, mat|ing. 1. to bring into line; make parallel, as a lens or the rays of light passing through it. SYNONYM(S): align. 2. to adjust accurately the line of sight of (a surveying instrument,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • au|to|col|li|ma|tion — « toh KOL uh MAY shuhn», noun. collimation of an optical instrument by the use of a flat mirror in which the objective lens is reflected …   Useful english dictionary

  • au|to|col|li|ma|tor — « toh KOL uh MAY tuhr», noun. a type of telescope used in autocollimation …   Useful english dictionary

  • col|li|ma|tor — «KOL uh MAY tuhr», noun. Optics. 1. a small fixed telescope with cross hairs at its focus, used for adjusting the line of sight of other instruments. 2. a) the tube with a slit and lens used in the spectroscope to collect the light and throw it… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Kal|li|ma — «KAL uh muh», noun. an Asian butterfly that resembles a dead leaf when it folds its wings; leaf butterfly. ╂[< New Latin Kallima the genus name < Greek kállos beauty] …   Useful english dictionary

  • sub|li|ma|tion — «SUHB luh MAY shuhn», noun. 1. the act or process of sublimating or subliming; purification: »This direct transition from solid to vapor is called sublimation (Sears and Zemansky). 2. the resulting product or state, especially, mental elevation… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Li M'Ha Ong — Li M Hâ Ong Pour les articles homonymes, voir Ong. Li Ma hong ou Li M Hâ Ong (env. 650 env. 730), érudit chinois originaire de Jiangnan, issu d’une famille de fonctionnaires préposée aux transactions du thé. On lui attribue la traduction de… …   Wikipédia en Français

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