Rȁma ž geogr. {{c=0}}1. {{001f}}rijeka u Hercegovini 2. {{001f}}regija u porječju istoimene rijeke{{/c}}

Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika. 2013.

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  • Ra|ma — «RAH muh», noun. the sixth, seventh, and eighth incarnations of Vishnu. ╂[< Sanskrit Rāma] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ra|ma|chan|dra — «RAH muh CHUHN druh», noun. the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. ╂[< Sanskrit Rāmacandra] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ra|ma|pi|the|cus — «RAH muh PIHTH uh kuhs», noun. a manlike primate, similar to Kenyapithecus, originally discovered in the Siwalik Hills of northwestern India. ╂[< Rama + Greek píthēkos ape] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ra|ma|ya|na — «rah MAH yuh nuh», noun. the later of the two great ancient epics of Hinduism (the other is the Mahabharata) with Ramachandra as its hero, written in Sanskrit probably about 500 B.C. or earlier. ╂[< Sanskrit Rāmāyana] …   Useful english dictionary

  • du|ra ma|ter — «DUR uh MAY tuhr, DYUR », Anatomy. the tough, fibrous membrane forming the outermost of the three coverings of the brain and spinal cord. ╂[< Medieval Latin dura mater (literally) hard mother (that is, hard source). Compare etym. under pia… …   Useful english dictionary

  • myr|i|o|ra|ma — «MIHR ee uh RAH muh, RAM uh», noun. a picture made up of interchangeable parts which can be harmoniously arranged to form a great variety of picturesque scenes. ╂[< Greek m íos countless + hórāma view] …   Useful english dictionary

  • ta|ra|ma|sa|la|ta — «TAH rah mah sah LAH tah», noun. a Greek appetizer consisting of a creamy paste of salted fish roe mixed with bread or potato and seasoned with lemon juice. ╂[< New Greek taramasalata < Turkish, roe salad] …   Useful english dictionary

  • heugiñ a ra ma c'halon — mon coeur se soulève …   Dictionnaire Breton-Français

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  • ma — abo·ma; ab·o·ma·sal; ab·o·ma·sum; abro·ma; ab·u·ku·ma·lite; abu·lo·ma·nia; acan·tho·chei·lo·ne·ma; ac·an·tho·ma; acan·tho·so·ma; ac·cla·ma·tion; ac·cli·ma·ta·tion; ac·cli·ma·tion; ac·cli·ma·ti·za·tion; ac·cli·ma·tize; acel·da·ma; acho·ma·wi;… …   English syllables

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